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On view through May 18

Unity Through Art features a selection of works in a variety of media by artists who identify as Latinx or Hispanic. These artists were invited to present their cultural narrative using materials and styles reflective of their own personal work. The selected artwork amplifies our culturally rich communities and how their contributions add value to our region of the globe.

Wall text is displayed in English and Spanish.

Meet the Artists



One Mind, Many Dreams


The characters in my works do not have a name, nor do they have a story. Their plots vary according to the viewer's perception.

In each stroke, there is a journey that makes it possible to create a world full of textures and colors.

The human figure is the theme that represents my universe. Each of these characters in their attempts to find happiness, discuss how it is possible to live in the present, how love is a state and not a feeling, and if we give value to conflict we cannot give value to peace.

They, my figurative images motivate me at every moment the need to create them and reveal them to the different and diverse looks that judge, affirm or question the perfection of the creator.

The colors in oil, brushes and support are the tools that allow me to express myself and be the revealer of my inner world.

Everything we see and experience is nothing more than a projection of our thoughts. We live submerged in a dream, which can be happy if we live with love and unhappiness if we live it with fear, how we interpret our existence, our happiness depends.

In my magical journey, I try that my work is the effect of what I feel and what I think. In my magical journey I try to make my work the effect of what I feel and how I think.



Heels & Steel


Jamaul had many influences in his life that formulated his current work.  From living in the DC/MD area with his mom and aunts to developing his craft around his grandparent’s New Mexico.  His work reflects growing up in the 90s when lowriders were at their peak and all of the cool kids had one in the Southwest.  To Go-Go and Hip Hop artists making tracks that sounded like the pure art form it once was.

His Honduran-born grandmother that helped to raise and mold him always told him to follow his dream no matter what and stay true to his roots.  Even though she was the only person in the family to speak Spanish fluidly, that did not stop him from being in the thick of things when it came to going to weddings and events with his friends.

Jamaul’s latest works are a representation of new ideas with old concepts and his marriage of digital art with traditional drawings.



Colorful Memories

In the beginning, I wanted to depict the constantly changing direction of my home country (Colombia) as the imagery of my patria was (is) always with me. As the byproduct of a close-knit, artistic family filled with architects, carpenters, designers, photographers, and artists - I paint out of necessity.

As an immigrant to the US in the late 90s, I became starkly aware of the transaction between two 'allied' countries and my encounters in this place we had always referred to as the "American Dream." Throughout my art practice, I enjoy illustrating 'snapshots' of a peripatetic lifestyle - one that was focused on survival of the time - my own (as an immigrant) and of those I have encountered along the way. Creating portraits of others who have defied the odds and/or were infamous or honorable in one life time often takes over my canvasses.

My work is often full of unapologetic color and is a direct product of my expressed energy - meaning there are no sketches or previous drawings. I work solely from in-the-moment energy and I transfer what I see and feel on to the canvas. The urgency and pace I employ to materialize what I see is very real (to me). The rawness of my work exemplifies how my realities were never picture-perfect as the images I render are not either.

Nico Amortegui was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He has lived and worked in the United States since the late 1990s. His current artistic focus is large-scale paintings on canvas or wood panels and sculpting and woodworking with found objects. He now resides in Charlotte with his wife and two daughters.


Also on view



Featured Artists:

Leticia Alvarez

Olisa Corcoran

Francisco Gonzalez

Las Ofrendas

Rosemary Meza-DesPlas

Lizbeth Ortiz

Jeannifer Jean Sandoval

Natacha Villamia Sochat

Stef Bernal-Martinez

Yholima Vargas-Aleem

Meet Claudia Corletto, co-curator of Unity Through Art

Claudia Corletto


Claudia Corletto was born in New York City and raised in Houston, Texas. She crafts her time as an art nomad. She is a creative consultant, an art educator, and a Certified Juror. 


She founded MEZCLA, a traveling art exhibit firmly rooted in the principal that Hispanic/Latinx artists should be the only of their own narrative, culture and identity in 2017.


Claudia is also a member of the collective Mamis and the Papis, a collective of womxn, femmes, and gender nonconforming folks that play music and raise funds for non-profits doing work that matters in the community such as The Carolina Abortion Fund, NC Field's Poder Juvenil Campesino Program, and SONG (Southerners on New Ground).


Claudia has had the pleasure of working with Project Row Houses, The University of Houston, FotoFest, High School Visual Arts Event, North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of History, Marbles Kids Museum, The Exploris School, Black Genius, PBS and The Southern Documentary Fund.

Cathy Perry
"Entwined, Interwoven and Surviving Together"