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Woods is a 2015 MFA Graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro,
and currently, teaches at VCUarts located in Richmond VA. In 2016 she attended Ox-Bow school of art and Artists’ residency and was selected as a 2016-2017 North Carolina Arts Council and South Arts fellowship recipient. 

On view in the Osborne and Woodson Galleries

"BedNotes" - mixed media

Her most recent series titled “BedNotes” is inspired by family photos taken by her mother during the 1990s as well as sitcoms aired before and during the 1990s that depict imagined notions of the black family in America. Her intent for this work is to engage with the concept of identity within African American culture, and the idea of “family” Through the use of upholstery, sculptural assemblage, video, and audio; “BedNotes aims to translate the language of photography into stylized depictions of an endless genealogy. Conveying individual identity through unalterable physical features, memories, characteristics, and emotions that suggest dream-like narratives, psychological dimensions, and diminished reality.


Elaine Fleck is a painter, muralist, mosaic artist, and organic gardener. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in painting and printmaking.  She completed further Art studies at City College of San Francisco and The San Francisco Art Institute. Roanoke has been her home since 1996.

On view in Stanback Gallery Hall and YPG Gallery


If you get a sense of being in a garden when you look at my paintings, look closer and you will see why. I have been an avid gardener and naturalist from an early age and over the years I have formulated a technique to create the rich textural surfaces that appear in my paintings. For each work I weave together a complex background of printed fabric that may combine insects, flowers, vines, or even reptiles simultaneously underscoring the interconnectedness of the human animal with all living things.

In some paintings I enjoy studying the different patterns and surface of the subject matter. In other works, I attempt to tell a story weaving in people that I have seen or met in my neighborhood or around town. Sometimes I get an inspiration for a painting from dreams. In the end it is the rich textures and colors of nature that inspire me.


Barry Moore is a digital artist who creates art from scratch & transforms photographs into art using computer software. He comes from a family of visual artists. His mother was a painter and his father was an award winning news photographer. Growing up in this household, he developed an appreciation for the impact of the visual arts, pursuing both painting and photography as hobbies. After retiring from a career in information technology, he was able to combine his skills into the digital art medium he uses today. He is primarily self-taught in both traditional and digital mediums.

On view in the Norvell Gallery
The Mill Kids

Barry L. Moore was retired and living a nice life as a retired textile worker when he first saw an image of a “Mill Kid” by Lewis Wickes Hine. “Mill Kids” were children who worked in factories and mills.  In the early 1900s, Mr. Hine was hired by The National Child Labor Committee to photograph the harsh conditions of children working in factories. The children worked long hours for little money and often in unsafe conditions. Barry Moore was stricken by the fact that his life and security may be directly or indirectly due to child labor. 


Moore became a huge fan of Lewis Wickes Hine’s photography. He started manipulating the original photographs to single out the children in the images. He made them the focal point, so that they get the spotlight they deserve. Moore’s goal is to present Hine’s pictures in the way he imagined the photographer would have presented them if he had the tools we have today.

Cathy Perry
"Entwined, Interwoven and Surviving Together"