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Summer ARTventures


Educating and Inspiring Creativity and 

Imagination in every child!

Offering 30 week-long studio art camps for students

ages 4-18 (age as of June 1, 2019)


Our curriculum features age-appropriate instruction and loads of creative hands-on FUN!  

Small class sizes allow for high-quality instruction.     

Our instructors are professional artists and/or experienced art educators.

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Messy Art - Ages 4-5

Messy Art II: Art in Motion / July 8-12 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Capture an art creation through movement and dance.  Create to the beat with paint dancing and spinner art. Come dressed for the splatter! Story time and snack are part of each day’s experience.


Messy Art III: Under Construction: Collage / July 15-19 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Collage will be the theme for art this week. Learn what collage means and assemble a mixed media masterpiece. Layer materials to make a unique sun catcher. Enjoy daily story time, snack time, movement and drama sessions.  Come ready to create and dressed to get messy!


Messy Art IV: Trolls, Fairies and Unicorns / July 22-26 / Morning, 9am-12pm.


Visit the magical world of the fairy garden and the creatures that live there. Make troll hair, unicorn slime and a fairy garden from your own imagination. Whimsy will abound in story and movement time.


Messy Art V: Seussical Fun / July 29-August 2 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Back by popular demand, join this art class inspired by Dr. Seuss. Create sculptures and pictures with a whimsical-style using paint, mixed media and found objects. We might even hear a Who!  The Seuss-iness will continue in our story and movement time.

Non-Member - Ages 4-5
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 4-5
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Ages 6-8

Gelli Roll and Stamp Printmaking New!/ July 8-12 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Denise Paugh

Printmaking to create your own textile or clothing is the focus of this new class. Students will use the Gelli method to create a design, make test paper prints and design a textile. Discover the possibilities for design and creativity.


Ocean Adventures / July 8-12 / Afternoon, 1-4pm. 

Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Take a trip under the waves in this exciting clay class. Create a variety of ocean creatures, real and imagined. Students will learn coil, slab and pinch techniques to create from clay. Glazing techniques round out this clay adventure. Dress to play in the clay.   (Specialty Class Pricing)


Weaving Magic New! / July 15-19 / Morning, 9am-12pm. 

Instructor: Andrea Vail

Watch the strands come together to create unique art in this class. Students will learn the basics of weaving with yarn and how to embellish their creations with mixed media bits and baubles.



Painted Sculpture /July 15-19 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Young artists will create sculptures from a collection of  upcycled items.  A variety of painting and collage techniques will be used to turn their bare sculptures into a work of art.



Fun Foodie Feast / July 22-26 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Joana Suttle


Imagine an ice cream sundae that never melts, french fries that never get cold, and cookies that never crumble! In this class, you'll create a scrumptious three course ceramic "meal" sculpted out of clay. We will explore hand building techniques including slab and coil methods. Our sculptures will look delicious enough to eat! (Specialty Class Pricing)


Art + Music New! / July 22-26 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Denise Paugh

Music inspires the work for this new class. Drawing and dancing create the foundation for a work of art, transferring musical inspiration onto paper and making instruments are just a small part of this session. Students will also work to compose rhythms and art with the instruments they have created.


Animal Attitudes New! / July 29-August 2 / Morning, 9am-12pm. 

Instructor: Joana Suttle

Ever feel like bounding through the jungle or swinging from the vines? Walk on the wild side to create ceramic sculptures based on animal favorites. Students will choose an animal as inspiration for three ceramic pieces. Work will include a miniature animal sculpture, an animal mask, and a decorated raised container. Be ready to get wild with the animals! (Specialty Class Pricing)


Landscape Weaving New! / July 29-August 2 / Afternoon, 1-4pm. 

Instructor: Dani Iris

Students will learn the essentials of basic weaving techniques. Working with a variety of fibers and materials they will design their own weavings over painted landscapes as well as free standing weaving.


Non-Member - Ages 6-8
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 6-8
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Ages 9-11

Fantastical Beasts/ July 8-12 / Morning, 9am-12pm. 

Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter’s Fantastical Beasts in this exciting clay class. Build your favorite beast or one from your own imagination. Slab techniques will be used to create a suitcase to take you on this special journey. (Specialty Class Pricing)


Art + Dance / July 8-12 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Denise Paugh

Let the music inspire you in this class of art and movement. Artists will use mixed media to create their music-inspired visual art pieces. Individual choreography will be used to translate music and the feelings it can evoke. Class will also create a wearable dance-inspired piece of art.


Clay Jewelry / July 15-19 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Make an array of wearable clay art, including pendants, beaded jewelry and more. Students will design a unique lidded clay jewelry box to hold their collection. Several hand-building and glazing techniques will be incorporated into these pieces. Come dressed for the clay. (Specialty Class Pricing)



Mixed Media Selfie / July 15-19 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Jackie Black

These aren’t your traditional portraits. Students will be learning principles of art including movement,  line, shape, color, form, value, texture and space while creating several "Selfies" in the styles of Picasso, Matisse, Romero Britto, Frida Kahlo, and Sandra Silberzweig. Portraits will be created using a variety of elements, including paint, chalk, fibers and fabric.


2D & 3D Concept Car Design / July 22-26 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Brett Schenning

From the initial concept to the finished product, this class will lead students through all the steps needed to create an original car. Students will explore methods of art and principles of design for their creations.  


Secret Storage / July 22-26 / Afternoon, 1-4 pm.

Instructor: Joana Suttle

Need somewhere to hide your secret treasures? In this course, students will create multiple ceramic vessels that contain a compartment and lid. Explore hand building techniques and venture to throw a vessel on the wheel. Artists will construct a treasure box, lidded jar, and a special treasure to go in each! (Specialty Class Pricing)


2D & 3D Architecture / July 29-August 2 / Morning, 9am-12pm.

Instructor: Brett Schenning

From houses to skyscrapers, design is in architecture. Students will use the design techniques prevalent in architecture to make conceptual drawings where function and frills combine to form a unique structure. First on paper and then in 3D, students will design, draw and build from the ground up.


Photo Lab / July 29- August 2 / Afternoon, 1-4pm. 

Instructor: Brett Schenning

This class is an introductory course that will focus on the potential of the photographic medium. Students will explore a variety of methods of capturing and creating images using both traditional film and digital techniques. This class includes skills needed to load film, perspective when taking photos, developing and printing in the darkroom. Cameras and film will be provided. (Specialty Class Pricing)


Non-Member - Ages 9-11
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 9-11
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Ages 12-18

Exploring Color with Paint / July 8-12 / Afternoon, 1-4pm. 

Instructor: Phyllis Steimel

The fundamentals of color: value, temperature, intensity and complementary colors are the basis of this painting class. A variety of paint media will be used to express these fundamentals in the work of each student artist.


Hand & Wheel: Clay to Table / July 15-19 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Brent Smith

Take your skills to the next level by learning to make bowls, mugs and plates. Combining thrown pieces with hand building details such as carved designs, spouts, handles and lids will make each piece unique.  Finishing touches will be done with various glazing techniques. Every student, beginner or experienced, will learn new skills! (Specialty Class Pricing)

Digital Photography / July 22-26 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Brett Schenning

This is an introductory course that will explore image making using modern digital cameras. Photographers will have the opportunity to address a variety of subject matter and image capture genres. Each participant will engage in group critiques and explore the potential of the printed image as a means of expression.  (Specialty Class Pricing)


Clay Art Tiles New! / July 29- August 2 / Afternoon, 1-4pm.

Instructor: Ray Moose

Who says ceramic tiles have to be flat? Students will use drawing concepts to create a unique design. Designs will be translated to clay tiles using carving and additive relief sculpting techniques. Glaze will be the final step in completing each piece of art. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Non-Member - Ages 12-18
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 12-18
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

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