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2018 Summer ARTventures

All age groups are based on attendee’s age as of June 1, 2018.


Messy Art - Ages 4-5

Messy Art I: Fizz, Pop, Bubble /June 25-29 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Let science and art collide. Learn what you can create when glue, shaving cream and food coloring combine. Watch your creation pop off the canvas. Come dressed to create new colors to splatter, dribble and pour. Enjoy daily story time, snack time, and an end-of-the-week outdoor sculpture tour.

Messy Art II: Seussical Art / July 9-13 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Art inspired by Dr. Seuss. Create sculptures and pictures with a whimsical-style using paint, mixed media and found objects. We might even hear a Who!  The Seuss-iness will continue in our story and movement time. 

Messy Art III: Puppets / July 16-20 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

Every puppet has a story. Create different styles of puppets using found objects, paper and fiber. Design a set and put on a show. Enjoy daily story time, snack time, movement and drama sessions.  Come ready to create and dressed to get messy!

Messy Art IV: Paper Zoo/ July 23-27 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Debbie Hoffman

A ZOO-tastic week full of art and fun!  Come create animals using collage, paper-mache, and found materials. Paint, sculpt, and build an array of zoo friends in this fun hands-on class. Our time in the zoo will extend to story and dress-up time.

Non-Member - Ages 4-5
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Member - Ages 4-5
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Ages 6-8

Claymation Junior / June 25-29 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Jackie Black

It’s time for Claymation, an imaginative and highly engaging form of animated storytelling. Students will create storyboards, design clay characters and build background sets. These young filmmakers will film their movies using iPads  and apps. They will edit their projects and each filmmaker will receive a DVD of his/her work. No previous experience required. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Adventures in Printmaking New! / June 25-29 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Julie Osteen

Printmaking involves drawing on a master plate to make multiple copies of your artwork. Discover the possibilities of this exciting medium. Young printers will experiment with relief printing, stamping and monoprinting using a variety of techniques and papers to make their prints.

Hand and Intro to Wheel New to this age group! / July 9-13 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brent Smith

This hand and wheel pottery class is a beginners introduction to the world of clay.  Potters in this class will learn a variety of hand building techniques including coil, pinch and slab building, be able to try the wheel and practice basic glazing techniques.  Watch original project ideas evolve from raw clay to the finished product!  (Specialty pricing)

Pastel Party New! / July 9-13 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Julie Osteen

Young artists in this class will develop their drawing skills as they create a series of artwork in pastel.  Students will bring their original designs to life using oil pastels, and hard and soft pastels on a variety of papers.

Clay Critter Creations New! / July 16-20 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Have fun exploring different habitats and creating animals from around the world, and right out of your imagination.  Students will create their own collection of unique critters using a variety of clay techniques.  They will learn to sculpt using pinch, coil and slab techniques as well as mold making processes.  Glazing techniques round out this clay adventure. Dress to play in the clay.(Specialty Class Pricing) **Class is FULL - Call to be added to the waitlist **

Digital Storytelling /July 16-20 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Jackie Black

Young artists will become digital storytellers using the iPad and a variety of apps. You can be the star of your own adventure while learning how to plan and organize original story ideas. Students will create a unique foam character, illustrate story events, create backgrounds, take and edit digital photographs into the final version of their story. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Global Prints and Patterns  New! / July 23-27 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Shirl Hull

Young artists in this class will stamp, cut and dye as they globetrot to exotic locations. They will explore traditional textile designs and use techniques from around the world such as applique, batik and stamping to create their artwork.

Clay Cartooning New! / July 23-27 / Afternoon, 1-4pm  Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Learn to use pinch, coil and slab techniques to create your favorite cartoon character or one from your own imagination! Glazing and simple mold techniques will be used to bring your cast of characters to life. Wear old clothes. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Modern Masters Painting Class New! / July 30-August 3 / Morning, 9am-12pm  Instructor: Julie Osteen

Young artists will explore the work of modern masters such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Keith Haring, Jacob Lawrence, Frida Kahlo and Jackson Pollack. Students will learn about their works and the influence they have had on the art world today. Using their new-found knowledge and techniques, they will create their own modern masterpieces.

Illustrator Drawing Class New! / July 30-August 3 / Afternoon, 1-4pm  Instructor: Julie Osteen

Come investigate how your favorite cartoon characters are drawn and how their creators and illustrators develop/draw their work. Students will sketch their own characters and brainstorm visual stories in various forms. Characters and stories will develop from simple sketches to an original series or sequential narrative. 

Non-Member - Ages 6-8
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 6-8
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Ages 9-11

Hand and Wheel Pottery I / June 25-29 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brent Smith

Beginning potters in this class will learn basic wheel-throwing skills and a variety of hand building techniques. Students will learn coil, pinch and slab building techniques and have sessions on the potter’s wheel, while exploring original project ideas. Intermediate students will expand their knowledge and skills. All potters will also learn glazing techniques to finish their projects. (Specialty Class Pricing)

3D Adventure / July 9-13 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brett Schenning

This class offers artists an opportunity to explore methods of art and the principles of design involved in sculpture. Projects will be theme based and utilize a variety of materials and methods. Students will work both independently and collaboratively to create a cohesive set of sculptures throughout the week.

Hand and Wheel Pottery II / July 9-13 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brent Smith

The fun continues! New potters in this class will learn basic wheel-throwing skills, a variety of hand building techniques including coil, pinch and slab building and basic glazing techniques.  Returning students will improve on their basic skills while learning new techniques. Transform raw clay into a finished product of your own design! No previous clay experience required. (Specialty Class Pricing)  **Class is FULL - Call to be added to the waitlist **

African Cultural Safari New! / July 16-20 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Shirl Hull

Young artists will explore traditional African Arts and crafts during this cultural tour of East, West and South Africa. They will use brightly painted Ndebele houses, Adinkra textile prints and Kenyan jewelry designs as inspiration for their own original creations.

Jewelry and Mosaics New!  / July 16-20 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Create your own custom jewelry using a variety of techniques and materials. Tumbled glass and other stained glass methods will be used to create cool jewelry and a real mosaic. Perfect for beginners or the returning student. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Ceramic Sampler New! / July 23-27 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brenda Gariepy

Learn techniques to create fun and functional ceramics.  Create your bowls, plates and mugs using the wheel or hand-building techniques such as pinch, coil and slab. Methods of glazing will be taught to give color and shine to each student’s original designs. Wear old clothes. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Stop Motion Character Design New! / July 23-27 / Afternoon, 1-4 pm Instructor: Jackie Black

Animators in this class will dive into detailed information about character construction and story building. After designing their own characters, animators will give them life and move them through their story using stop motion animation. Previous Claymation class attendance required to participate in this class.  (Specialty Class Pricing.)

Portraits / July 30-Aug 3 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brett Schenning

This class will address the many aspects of creating portraits. Employing correct proportions, artists will explore a variety of media and techniques to capture the essence of another individual in a meaningful way.

Hand and Wheel Pottery III / July 30-Aug 3 / Morning, 9am-12pm Instructor: Brent Smith

Sign up for more fun in the clay! Potters in this class will learn basic wheel-throwing skills, a variety of hand building techniques including coil, pinch and slab building and basic glazing techniques.  Watch original project ideas come to life from raw clay to the finished product! Beginners will learn the basic skills, returning students will add new skills and techniques. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Photo Lab  / July 30-Aug 3 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brett Schenning

This class is an introductory course that will focus on the potential of the photographic medium. Students will explore a variety of methods of capturing and creating photographic images using both historic and digital techniques. This class includes using film cameras and working in the traditional darkroom. Cameras and film will be provided. (Specialty Class Pricing)

Non-Member - Ages 9-11
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 9-11
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Ages 12-18

Pastel Pizazz / June 25-29 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Phyllis Steimel

Teens in this class will use the pastel media as they concentrate on the fundamentals of color: value, temperature, intensity and complementary colors. They will discuss some famous artists and explore how they used these basics to create art. Each student artist will use soft pastels and a variety of papers in the creation of original art.

Digital Photography / July 9-13 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brett Schenning

This is an introductory course that will explore image making using modern digital cameras. Photographers will have the opportunity to address a variety of subject matter and image capture genres. Each participant will engage in group critiques and explore the potential of the printed image as a means of expression.  (Specialty Class Pricing) **Class is FULL - Call to be added to the waitlist**

Drawing What You See / July 23-27 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Ray Moose

The essence of drawing is capturing a moment in time.  The drawing discipline helps to focus the artist to see and understand the world in a different light. Students will receive a solid foundation in drawing, understanding form and color and how those skills translate to other forms of art.

H&W: Pull, Twist, Roll and Throw Pottery / July 30-August 3 / Afternoon, 1-4pm Instructor: Brent Smith **Class is FULL - Call to be added to the waitlist**

Take your skills to the next level!  Learn hand-building techniques, how to work “tall” on the potter’s wheel, as well as creating unique surface design and glazing methods. Whether this is your first class or your fifth, you will learn something new!  (Specialty Class Pricing)

Non-Member - Ages 12-18
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)

Member - Ages 12-18
Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)


Pricing: Week-long Studio Classes - $100 / $85 members      

            Week-long Specialty Classes - $110 / $95 members

For more information or to register by phone: Call 704.636.1882



JACKIE BLACK earned a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking from Hampton University, Virginia. She taught elementary art for 16 years.  Jackie has been teaching Claymation and other art classes during Summer ARTventure classes at Waterworks since 2010. She was a 2017 recipient of the Waterworks’ Lucille P. and Edwin O. Norvell Family Art of Teaching Award for her contributions, and outstanding work in art education with Waterworks. Jackie currently serves as the Center’s Education Coordinator.

BRENDA GARIEPY studied at Alfred University, New York, and has teaching experience in NY, PA, and NC.  She currently teaches art in the Rowan-Salisbury Elementary Schools. For the last ten years, Brenda has specialized in teaching hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery classes at Waterworks. She was a 2017 recipient of the Waterworks’ Lucille P. and Edwin O. Norvell Family Art of Teaching Award for her significant and generous contributions, and outstanding work in art education through Waterworks and its educational studio programs.

DEBBIE HOFFMAN retired last year from the Rowan/Salisbury school system after eighteen years working as an Exceptional Children teacher.  She taught dance for over forty-five years. Debbie graduated from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College with an associate of arts degree. Debbie was the recipient of Waterworks’ 2009 Lucile P. and Edwin O. Norvell Family Art of Teaching Award for her significant and selfless contributions and outstanding work in art education through Waterworks’ children’s educational programming. She returns to Waterworks for her 12th year.

SHIRL HULL Shirl Hull is an artist and designer. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA., with a B.A. degree in Studio Art. Shirl advanced her studies by completing Jewelry Design, Lost Wax Casting and Jewelry Fabrication from El Camino College and California State University both in CA. Shirl loves to travel and have taken two cultural trips to the African Continent. Shirl resides in Spencer, N.C.

RAY MOOSE is a professional artist and self-taught sculptor, working in Mount Pleasant, NC.  He specializes in large-scale bronze works. He designed the plaques for Salisbury’s History and Art Trail and lead the 4th Grade Rowan Cotton Mill Public Art Tile Project in partnership with The City and Waterworks, completed in 2009. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and his bronze work among many public and private collections. Moose returns to Waterworks to teach the fundamentals of drawing this summer.

JULIE OSTEEN is currently the art teacher at two elementary schools in Rowan County. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors of Elementary Education and Art. Last August she graduated with a Masters of School Administration. In her free-time she enjoys spending time with her family and photographing her son. She specializes in photography and printmaking.  This is her second summer working with Waterworks and she is very excited about this summer.

BRETT SCHENNING received his BFA in Photography from The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.  Brett has served as a freelance photographer, gallery director, exhibitions assistant, and art instructor for children and adults. He has taught a variety of photography, drawing and painting classes at Waterworks. He is a professional photographer and currently teaches photography and visual arts at Limestone College.

BRENT SMITH is a 1993 East Carolina graduate who works as a full-time potter.  He works in his studio and showroom behind his farmhouse in Rowan County, where he continually experiments with forms, clays, glazes, and textures.  He sometimes digs his own natural clay.  Brent is known for his lidded jars, and large wheel-thrown pots. Brent has been teaching youth and adult hand and wheel classes at Waterworks for over a decade and a half. In recognition and appreciation for his contributions to the visual arts in Rowan County and educational programming, Brent was the 2014 recipient of the Waterworks’ Lucille P. and Edwin O. Norvell Family Art of Teaching Award.

PHYLLIS STEIMEL is a native of Rochester, NY. She graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Art Education. She is a retired swimming coach and founder of the Rowan Aquatic Club YMCA Team in 1983. Following her coaching career, she dedicated herself to art.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, International Plein Air Painters, American Impressionist Society, and Waterworks Visual Art Center. She is a founding member of Plein Air Carolina.


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