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Dare To Imagine


The Dare to Imagine Award is presented annually and is made possible through a grant from Susan and Edward Norvell.
This special award, bearing a cash scholarship, honors one Rowan County graduating senior whose artwork most exemplifies the creative potential of the human spirit, heart, and hand.

Congratulations to our 2019 Dare To Imagine Winner

JC Carson High School
Karen Lundgren, Art Specialist


The central idea of my concentration is to portray anxiety through portraits while using the elements of the earth (earth, wind, fire, and water) to show depth and variety that demonstrates my proficiency in several diverse media. I combined my love of portraiture with my fascination of the human psyche. As I created my portfolio, I began using the elements as a motif. Just as the Greeks correlated the elements of the earth with the human body, I used them to represent the complex human mind. Each piece that I did had its own unique flare because they were all personal to each individual. My goal was to get to know people and learn about what gives them anxiety. I wanted to take what I had learned to create portraits. I tried to use the color or the absence of color to demonstrate depression and anxiety in a way that represent each person. Many of my art pieces gravitate around feeling the constant judgment of others and how many of my subjects suffer from anxiety. Overall, the creation of my portfolio has helped me grow and learn to be more perceptive of others emotions.

Isabella is a first-year student at SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design).

Past Winners of the Dare To Imagine Award
2003  -  Trevor Messinger - Salisbury High School
2004  -  Jeffrey Yacevich - West Rowan High School
2005  -  Emily Bartsch - West Rowan High School
2006  -  Laura Ritchie - West Rowan High School
2007  -  Logan Childress - South Rowan High School
2008  -  Shannon Elrod - East Rowan High School
2009  -  Hannah Thompson - J.C. Carson High School
2010  -  Michelle Casper -  J.C. Carson High School
2011  -  R. Dean Crouch - East Rowan High School
2012  -  Courtney Quaintance - West Rowan High School
2013  -  Kaitlin Crouch  -  East Rowan High School
2014  -  Jordan VanVoorhis  -  J.C. Carson High School
2015  -  Isabel Hartsell  -  West Rowan High School
2016  -  Eli Helms -  J.C. Carson High School
2017  -  Catherine Traina  -  J.C. Carson High School
2018  -  Victoria Amaro Zavala - J.C. Carson High School
2019  -  Isabella Almazan - J.C Carson High School